New Emergency Evacuation Service

The Emergency Evacuation unit previously located in the municipality of Wentworth-Nord will be transferred to Harrington to provide service in the event of road accidents in the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge and Harrington area. It is managed by a protocol of agreement with the MRC d’Argenteuil, the Club Hibou Blanc and the municipality of Harrington; it is equipped to provide service 24/7 for those enjoying outdoor activities and the forestry industry. It is activated by a call to “911”. The result of this change means that the entire MRC will have Evacuation Service. This was made possible through collaboration of Club Hibou Blanc, the MRC d’Argenteuil and the municipalities making this an effective partnership.

The municipality of Wentworth-Nord has concluded an agreement with the municipality of Morin Heights and will have Emergency service provided by them.

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