“Gore Trail” Mirabel to Lakefield, Lac Louisa, Pine Hill, Lac Des-Seize-îles

Attention All Snowmobilers,

This trail is the property of Club Lynx Deux Montagnes and was closed for the seasons 2015-16 & 2017-18. For several years Club Lynx has shown little interest in maintaining the trail. This season the trail is completely closed. Club Hibou Blanc has complained to the FCMQ to take the necessary action to insure the trail is opened and maintained.

After 3 years of negotiations & discussions our club has learned that the FCMQ cannot take action or make changes to this trail without the authorisation of Club Lynx. Club Hibou Blanc is the only club actively working to correct this situation that snowmobilers are frustrated about and have no means of recourse to correct. The FCMQ and the regional administration say there is nothing they can do for now according to the FCMQ statutes.

The Gore Trail has provided service to snowmobilers for 25 years and there is no justification for it to close. Although we have received numerous complaints on social Medias, Club Hibou Blanc has been informed that there are no formal complaints registered with the FCMQ regarding the closure of this trail.

In order that this situation will change, snowmobilers are encouraged to register officially and in writing their complaints to FCMQ:

• J.C. Raymond Adminitrator, Region des Laurentides jcraymond@fcmq.qc.ca
• Mario Gagnon President FCMQ maperreault@fcmq.qc.ca
• Stephane Desroches Directeur Generale FCMQ stephane.desroches@fcmq.qc.ca

Club Hibou Blanc has tried numerous ways to re-open this trail, but has no means to do so. If snowmobilers feel that this matter must be corrected, we strongly suggest that you register your complaints in large numbers or this and other situations will continue to be ignored. Without your intervention things will not change.

The Board of Directors, Club le Hibou Blanc (1995) Inc