POKER RUN 2018 – Our Sponsors & Winners

Our Poker Run was a great success!  A big thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and of course the participants!

Our Sponsors for Door Prizes:

L’Hôtel du Chasseur (Pine Hill, Qc)

Maximum Motorsports (Hawksbury, Ont)

Moto Teck – Craig MacKiddie, Prop. (Lachute, Qc)

Motoneige Chateauguay (Chateauguay, Qc)

Nadon Sports (Lachute, Qc)

Piece d’Auto Argenteuil (Lachute, Qc)

  1. C. Motosport (Brownsburg-Chatham, Qc)

VTT Lachute (Lachute Qc)

The Poker Run 2018  hand winners:

1st Place – Carole Lévesque  –  Three Kings

2nd Place – Stéphane Papineau – Three Jacks + 10

3rd Place – Tom Shea – Three Jacks + 6

Door Prize Winners:

Claude Baril, Luc Couture, Tina Defrancesco, Marie-Hélène Deveault, Maurice Dewar, Yvon Dewar, Tammy Dickson, Edith Dinel-Hall, Eric Fourelle, Alex Fourelle, Peter Haldimand, Jimmy Hall, Stephanie Hall,Scott Lees, Christine Lévesque, Louis Lévesque, John McCart, Greg McCulloch, Julie McCulloch, Steve MacCulloch, Sebastien Methot, Stéphane Papineau, Sabrina Parent, Blair Ross, Holly Roy, Joanne Shea, Tom Shea, Cindy Smallwood, Ashley Stone, Steve Thacker

50/50 Draw  $410  / $205   – George Meniatakos

A Poker Run is an organized event where participants, usually using snowmobiles, must visit five checkpoints on the trail, drawing a playing card at each one. The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. Having the best hand and winning is purely a matter of chance. There are 3 winners with the best hand.

Anyone who buys a day pass from our Club, will receive a free Poker Run card.