As of Friday, January 19 8:00 pm

LAKE MCDONALD CLOSED – OPEN WATER.  The trail 317 north to Lake McDonald is closed at Kilmar. Trail to the restaurant remains open.

Please be careful some water on trails.

Trail name Observation
Status Conditions
Groomed on
WESLEY ~ 317 (Laurel to Lake McDonald) 19/01/18 Open      2 17/01/18 Lake McDonald closed
SEALE ~ 317 (Harrington to Lake McDonald) 19/01/18 Open     2 19/01/18 Closed after Kilmar Restaurant.  Lake McDonald Closed.  
GOOPIE (Harrington to Pine Hill) 19/01/18 Open     2 19/01/18  Caution  water wash outs
TOUR DE LAC (Lake Louisa to Pine Hill) 19/01/18 Open    2 19/01/18  
LAKEFIELD (Lake Louisa to Lakefield/Gore) 19/01/18 Open    3 18/01/18 Dead End  
LAUREL (Lake Louisa to Laurel) 19/01/18 Open   2 17/01/18 Lack of snow on power lines
STATION LAROSE           (Laurel to Weir/Mont Calm) 19/01/18 Open   1 17/01/18  Groomed 1/2 way to Weir needs snow

Trail conditions equivalence : 5/5 = excellent, 4/5 = very good, 3/5 = good, 2/5 =fair, 1/5 = bad


The closure of Club Lynx trail from TQ3 to Gore/Lakefield has not yet been resolved. We’re asking that all snowmobilers do not attempt to use this section of closed trail. We have been notified by a landowner with 7 kilometres of trail through his property that he does not want snowmobilers on his property until the trail issue is resolved. He has advised us that snowmobilers have been all over his property and disregarding his closed gate. If these actions continue he will revoke his permission for use of his land in the future. Club Hibou Blanc will be erecting a barricade at route 329 to Lakefield/Gore, snowmobilers are asked to respect the barricade.