March 31, 2019 4:00 pm

We have begun removing the signs from the lakes and trails.  The trails will be closed as of Monday April 1, 2019.

Trail name Observation
Status Conditions
Groomed on
WESLEY ~ 317 (Laurel/Lac  des Seize Îles  to Lake McDonald) 31/03/19 OPEN      0/5  25/03/19
SEALE ~ 317 (Harrington to Lake McDonald) 31/03/19 OPEN     0/5          12/03/19
GOOPIE (Harrington to Pine Hill) 31/03/19 OPEN     0/5       25/03/19
TOUR DE LAC (Lake Louisa to Pine Hill) 31/03/19 OPEN    0/5        25/03/19
LAKEFIELD (Lake Louisa to Lakefield/Gore) 31/03/19 OPEN    0/5        11/03/19   
LAUREL (Lake Louisa to Laurel) 31/03/19 OPEN   0/5        25/03/19
STATION LAROSE (Laurel to Weir/Mont Calm) 31/03/19 OPEN 0/5           18/03/19

Trail conditions equivalence : 5/5 = excellent, 4/5 = very good, 3/5 = good, 2/5 =fair, 1/5 = bad

When entering & exiting lake Louisa, please stay on the marked trail & do NOT pass in front of the houses. Our privilege to use these accesses to the lake will be lost if snowmobiles continue to pass directly in front of these houses. The trail is very clearly marked-stay on it.

Speed bumps are being installed on the Seale trail just south of Harrington road before crossing the bridge at Scotch road. 30Km signs were installed at the request of the landowner but are not being respected. We are now forced to install speed bumps to control snowmobiler’s speed in this area. If not respected, our right of way on this land will be lost.