POKER RUN 2019 Sponsors and Winners

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POKER RUN 2019  was a huge success – thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors and of course the candidates!

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Neil’s Ultramar Depanneur – 2 Gift Cards
Hôtel du Chasseur – Gift Card
Maximum Power Sports – 4 Gift Cards
Chateauguay Snowmobile – 3 shirts, 4 hats, 1 toque
Mototeck – the oil
Argenteuil Auto Part Inc. – Auto Value Expert Wax Kits
SC Motosport – 3 Gift Cards
Transport Yvon Dewar – 2 pens
VTT Lachute – Battery Chargers

1st – 100$ 💰 Joann Shalala-Shea – Four of a kind
2nd – 50$ 💰  Steven Thacker – Full House
3rd – 25$ 💰  Glen Day – Flush (5 red cards)

Presence Award Winners:

Luc Couture, Stéphan Lavoie, Jimmy Hall, Ian Hall, Yvon Dewar, Gary Flockton, Guillaume Pilote, Joann Shalala-Shea, Tom Shea, Peter Carmichael, Claude Lebel, George Maniatakos, Pierre Cayer, Alex Fournelle, Gilles Proulx, Louis-Philipp, Stephan Papineau, Sébastien Methot, Christine Lévesque, Kim Vanhove Steve MacCulloch, Yvan Petit, Tina DeFrancesco

Half / Half 💰 -winners – Yvon Dewar – 215$