March 22, 2023


Our trails and lakes will be officially closing today, Wednesday  March 22nd, 2023. We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers and directors for all their hard work to ensure we have trails to ride.

We would also like to thank our amazing dozer operator Michel Aubin, who is always ready to groom whenever needed.

A special Thank you to all our landowners for letting us use their property and to our members who support our Club.

Have a great spring, summer and fall, see you all next season!

Please be advised that the iMotoneige map – you must hit the snowflake ❄️ symbol and trail conditions for updates.

Trail name Observation date Status Condition Groomed on Note
WESLEY ~ 317 (Laurel/Lac des Seize Îles to The intersection of Weir/Montcalm) 22/03/23 Closed     0/5    

SEALE ~ 317 (Harrington to Lake McDonald)


22/03/23 Closed     0/5    
GOOPIE (Harrington to Pine Hill) 22/03/23 Closed     0/5    
TOUR DE LAC (Lake Louisa to Pine Hill) 22/03/23 Closed



LAKEFIELD (Lake Louisa to Lakefield/Gore) *Dead-end 

22/03/23 Closed      0/5    
LAUREL (Lake Louisa to Laurel) 22/03/23 Closed      0/5     
STATION LAROSE (Laurel to Weir/Mont Calm) 22/03/23 Closed      0/5    

Trail conditions equivalence : 5/5 = excellent, 4/5 = very good, 3/5 = good, 2/5 =fair, 1/5 = bad

2022 – Club Le Hibou Blanc has experienced numerous losses of property rights of way over the summer. Our team of administrators has worked hard to find new landowners that will allow the use of their land for the construction of alternative trails. Most issues have been resolved for the start of the 2022/2023 season. The Lac Fawn/Lac McDonald trail has been the most difficult area. We have been working on this problem since last spring and believe we have found a solution. The new trail requires the construction of two bridges with minimal trail construction. We are hoping that the trail can be completed by the end of January or early February 2023. We are awaiting final confirmation for the project by the Municipality of Harrington. New trails are also being constructed in the Wentworth Nord on the Laurel trail and Lac Carling/Pine Hill regions. The annual loss of land usage rights has become an enormous problem in our region. Our administrators continue to work hard to find alternative trails to ensure the continuation of our trail network.

2021  Our Club experienced a terrible weekend with off trail riders on private land.   On the Laurel Trail (Lac Louisa à Laurel)  we have one main land owner who has created a nature reserve, this trail at the start of the season was extremely fragile. Snowmobilers have left the trail riding all over this property. The property owners are understandably irate over these actions. The Lakefield Trail power lines continue to be a serious problem as well. We were also informed of large groups leaving the trail in Gagné’s Pit, Laurel area and a large group off the trail at Lake McDonald on private property starting fires. when asked by one of our Directors to please stay on the trail in the Gagné’s Pit area,he was just laughed at. Club Hibou Blanc has reached out to FCMQ and SQ for additional serveillance in our club. We have three major trails that are in immediate danger of being closed due to these events. This would mean our Club is closed, all access north would be lost. All snowmobiliers must get involved in educating the few causing the trouble of the consequences of their actions.

2020/2021 The land under the H-Q power line between Laurel and Lake Louisa is privately owned.  The right of way is fragile.  Please do not go off-trail under the Hydro-Québec line.  Our patrollers will fine violators!  Thank you for your collaboration.

2019/2020 The land under the hydropower lines on the Lakefield/Gore trail is private property. The landowner has requested that snowmobilers do not ride off-trail. Snowmobilers found off-trail will receive a fine.

When entering & exiting lake Louisa, please stay on the marked trail & do NOT pass in front of the houses. Our privilege to use these accesses to the lake will be lost if snowmobiles continue to pass directly in front of these houses. The trail is very clearly marked-stay on it.