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Club Hibou Blanc is a non-profit organization which requires funding other than the sale of trail passes to survive and grow. Snowmobiling stimulates the economy and as a result, grants are available from various organizations when well-founded requests are presented.  The Club has been very successful in doing this.

Another area of important support is from our sponsors.  Over 125 companies contribute to advertising on our Trail Guide as well as the Club’s Annual Drag races. This additional funding has permitted to acquire a second trail groomer.

In December 2000, Club Hibou Blanc purchased a Medical Evacuation Sled Traîneau d’évacuation médical and entered into an agreement with the MRC Argenteuil to provide emergency service on its trail network through Service 911.  The Club now has 2 units in service, one in Lachute, one in Gore. This has been made possible with the financial support of the F.C.M.Q. as well as T & W Seale Inc. and Lachute Subaru.

Thanks to our volunteers.